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Supervisor-Sterile Processing, Sterile Processing, Nights, Full Time

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Employer Name:   Catholic Health Initiatives
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Last Updated On:   10/26/2017
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Supervisor-Sterile Processing, Sterile Processing, Nights, Full Time
Job Category:   Clinical:Central Supply Svcs/Sterilization
Location:   Louisville
Job Description:   **Supervisor-Sterile Processing, Sterile Processing, Nights, Full Time** **Description** The primary purpose of Sterile Processing is to assist in direct patient care by ensuring the OR staff has correct, fully functional, sterile instrumentation delivered in a timely manner consistent with the highest standards of customer service. Responsible for the development, oversight, and organization of the employee base; serves as a resource for all Sterile Processing customers. Must be able to maintain equipment, computer programs, and other vital systems relevant to the department. Maintains appropriate levels of stock and supplies. Responsible for maintaining departmental standards according to AAMI, AORN, and other appropriate governing bodies. The Sterile Processing Supervisor assumes all responsibility for shift activities including assignments, staff scheduling, counseling, performance improvement, intra-department communication, project completion, workflow execution, and any other duties assigned by department Manager. The role will also coordinate the training of new hires, conduct staff meetings, and develop the general professionalism of the Sterile Processing team. **Responsibilities** 1. Provide quality customer service. Ø Demonstrate good communication skills in a team approach to meet the service needs of all customers, focusing especially on the primary objective of assisting in **direct patient care** . Ø Interact with patients, family members, employees, physicians, visitors and other customers in a manner that is **courteous** , **helpful** , and **pleasant** ; **intentionally create a positive atmosphere** in order to build trust between departments and employees; **suppresses negative communication** and redirects to the appropriate parties. Ø Fill Operating Room requests **politely** , **promptly** , and **accurately** as requested; **matches the intensity** of the requesting party. Ø Ability to **prioritize** needs of the requesting department(s); adjusts current responsibilities to accommodate. Ø **Follow** **through** until a given need is fully met or until the situation is thoroughly investigated. Ø When not occupied with one current job, **looks to help** fellow employees; **moves with purpose** to find work that needs to be done. Ø Fields employee issues and concerns with **calm and consistency** ; confident to handle these issues **independently** ; knows when and how to **escalate asnecessary** . 2. Perform duties in a safe manner, to prevent injury to self, patients, visitors or other hospital personnel. Ø Demonstrate knowledge of hospital policy for internal and external disaster, location of fire alarms and extinguishers, and all **safety codes** . Ø Demonstrate knowledge of **hazardous materials** when performing duties involving the use of them according to departmental policy, such as ethylene oxide, chemical detergents and hydrogen peroxide. Ø Demonstrate careful work habits when **handling sharp objects** or instrumentation using Universal Precautions to prevent injury, following OSHA guidelines. Ø Demonstrate **careful work habits** when lifting, pulling moving heavy objects/equipment. Ø Assesses environment for safety **hazards which could harm patients** , visitors, or other hospital employees, and **reporthazards** to appropriate supervisors. 3. Performs cleaning and decontamination duties. Ø Wear appropriate **PPE** (personal protective equipment), which consists of: general-purpose utility gloves, liquid-resistant covering with sleeves, knee-high shoe covers, fluid-resistant face mask, and eye protection (full-length face shield or other device that prevents exposure to splash from all angles). Ø **Scan instrumentation** trays on arrival to the decontamination area, as part of the instrument tracking system. Ø Assist in decontaminating surgical instruments by **appropriate methods** , ensuring that all visible soil is removed preventing the exposure of infectious materials. (i.e. VRE, MRSA, hepatitis, etc.) Ø Operate instrument **washers, cart washer and sonic** washer proficiently. Ø Ability to **assess and troubleshoot** equipment to maintain continuous workflow in the decontamination area. Ø Use good judgment in **reporting any malfunctioning equipment** to supervisor or manager. Follow hospital policy for decontamination of patient care equipment. Contribute to the efficient operation of the department. Performs preparation and packaging duties. Ø Understand **basic principles of packaging/wrapping** techniques to allow effective exposure to all surfaces of the package and contents for sterilization to occur. Ø Understand principles using multiple sterilization **indicator and chemicalintegrator** products. Ø Correctly **identifies and assembles all surgical instrument** sets according to appropriate count sheets. Ø Identify proper **packaging/wrapping methods** of surgical instrumentation or single items, ensuring easy identification for the user and the sterile integrity of that item. Ø When assembling a set, attempts to **locate all missing instruments** to make the set complete; clearly notes when items are missing. Ø Correctly identifies, disassembles different **mechanical instrumentation** (i.e. Ankenny retractor, saws/drills etc.). Ø Works at preparing instrumentation with **focus and intention** ; prepared to help meet the needs of other aspects of the department (cart wash, washers, phone, etc.) but returns to preparation **withoutbecoming distracted** . Ø Utilizes excellent organizational techniques to ensure that **preparation isdone quickly without sacrificing accuracy** . Performs sterilization and monitoring activities. Ø Determines **appropriate sterilization method** , according to the manufacturer recommendations. Ø Scans all instrument sets in preparation for sterilization and **utilizesall aspects of SPM** . Ø Assures that **each item** is stamped with sterilizer number, load number and Julian date; ensures that **every container** or wrapped item is appropriately labeled and that all filters, locks, and process indicators are present. Ø **Arranges items correctly** on the sterilizer cart to insure complete contact of the steriliant to each item. Ø Observes and assesses the mechanical operation of each sterilizer, identifying that all **parameters have been met** for sterilization. Ø Processes **daily test packs and biological indicators** according to departmental policy. Ø Assesses **external chemical indicators** for proper sterilization of each item prior to its distribution for patient use. Ø **Evaluates previous load information** and accurately documents contents of sterilizer load, verification of the sterilization parameters of each cycle; records biological indicator results. Ø **Initiates recall procedures** when appropriate. Immediately **reports any discrepancies** or malfunctions to Sr. Tech, Supervisor or manager. Performs dispatch duties. Ø Ensures that the **OR has the correct sterile instrumentation** necessary for all procedures. Ø Fill Operating Room requests **politely** , **promptly** , and **accurately** as requested; **matches the intensity** of the requesting party. **Confidentlyasks questions** to fully clarify the need; **thoroughly explains all actions** that are being taken to fill the need. Ø Ability to **prioritize** needs of the requesting department(s); adjusts current responsibilities to accommodate. Ø **Oversees the throughput** of the entire department; **coordinatespriorities** to ensure overall efficiency. Ø Processes and tracks all **loaned instrumentation** through the department and ensures that it is done in a timely manner. Ø Maintains **stock and supplies** . Ø Performs **all ancillary duties** necessary to keep the department working smoothly (e.g.cart wash, washers, phones, and other alarms). 4. Responsible for building and empowering the employee base. Ø Assists in the **onboardingof new hires** . Ø Oversees the **preceptor/newhire relationship** ; ensures that the new hire meets departmental standards. Ø Coordinates the training of all employees and ensures that **competencies** are being met; utilizes **meetings** and **inservices** to build employee’s skill set. Ø **Coaches employees** “in the moment” and maximizes opportunities for improvement to ensure that customer needs are being met in accordance with the mission, vision, and values. Ø **Leads by example** in the department, displaying a **high levelof expertise** in all areas; motivates employee base to continual growth. Ø Tracks and applies **QA information** to the employee database within the instrument tracking system; **follows up withemployees** to ensure mistakes decrease while capabilities increase. 5. Helps management take care of employee HR issues Ø Works with the manager to ensure that all employees meet necessary **HR requirements** including, but not limited to, LEARN modules, TB testing, flu shot verification, benefits, certification renewals, etc. Ø Creates and maintains **employeeschedules** in a fair and timely manner. Ø Contributes to the **documentation** of employee tracking files. Ø Helps track **payroll,vacation, FMLA, PTO** , etc. Ø Participates in employee **evaluations, progressive discipline, and performance improvement** . 6. Directs and manages work flow; ensures all support systems are effective and in accordance with policy. Ø Ensure that the department maintains a **“one way” flow of instrumentation** that is efficient and priority driven. Ø **Organizes and directs staff** to meet the needs of the department on a daily basis. Ø Ensures that **correct instrumentation** is available to the OR at the right time; Ø Utilizes the instrument tracking system to **find instrumentation as needed** . Ø Works with coordinator and specialist to ensure that **count sheets** are complete and correct. Ø Ensures **department orders** are placed and received. Ø **Maintains all equipment** ; coordinates with vendor repair staff as necessary. Ø Ensures all activities and infrastructure are in accordance with **AAMI,AORN,** and other appropriate governing body’s standards. 7. Creates and nurtures a healthy relationship with OR staff Ø Attends **OR meetings** on a regular basis. Ø Is **availableto the OR** for troubleshooting problems; **interacts with all OR** staff, including doctors; follows through to make sure solutions have been effective. Ø Serves as a **reliable point of communication for the OR** and relays pertinent information back to the SPD staff to make sure that needs are being met. 8. Contributes to all official departmental business in a professional manner. Ø Attend and participate in **department meetings** ; reads written minutes when off for any reason. Ø Maintains **CRCST andCHL certification** ; maintains knowledge base accordingly and applies to the department as necessary. Ø Know and adhere to all **departmental policies and procedures** ; complete **annual competencies** . Ø Independently achieves **compliance with respect to hospitalbusiness** (e.g. LEARN modules, TB testing, email, benefits, flu shots, etc.). 9. Displays behavior that is consistent with a thorough understanding of the SPD Mission, Vision, and Values (see SPD MVV). 10. Knowledge and performance of the Code of Conduct Standards. Ø The incumbent demonstrates a **commitment to a high level of professionaland ethical standards** in his/her daily activities, consistent with the Code of conduct and related JHSMH policies. Ø The incumbent maintains **integrityin business activities** by following legal standards, maintaining confidentiality of patient and business information and reporting known or suspected misconduct. Ø The incumbent has completed the required annual **general compliance training** and any department-specific training, as appropriate. 11. The employee honors the KOH Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Corporate Values. The incumbent understands: Ø That KOH exists to bring wellness, healing and hope to all, including the underserved. 12. Maintains confidentiality of information of the department. Ø Maintains **confidentiality of departmental information** according to established procedures with no reported errors. Ø Releases confidential information only in accordance with the **confidentialitypolicy** and/or approval of the Director. Ø **Maintains patientprivacy** and confidentiality at all times according to established procedures. **Qualifications** **Education:** Bachelor’s degree and minimum of 1 year of experience in the discipline OR 3 years of experience in the discipline without a Bachelor’s degree OR Master’s degree and no experience. **Certifications:** CRCST Mandatory; CHL required within 6 months from the date of hire; CIS preferred. **Experience:** Minimum 1 year experience as a Sterile Processing Tech I. Scrub Tech experience an asset. Previous experience in a leadership role preferred. **Skills:** Manual dexterity required; Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. Must display an exceptional level of organizational skill; emphasizing filing, tracking, and accounting for numerous ordering processes. Proficient in problem solving and follow through. Must be proficient with Microsoft Office. Knowledge of SPM instrument tracking system and Lawson a bonus. Ability to speak and read English is required. **Equipment:** Instrument washer/decontaminator; Sonic washer; Cart washer; Steam sterilizer; Hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer; Copier; Variety of patient care equipment; Computer skills using Windows. * For those hired after November 14, 2016, KentuckyOne Health will verify education required by the position, through primary source verification, prior to beginning employment. Education verification will also include the collection of a high school diploma or equivalent, transcript, or other written validation of education. **Job** Nursing Support **Primary Location** KENTUCKY-LOUISVILLE-JEWISH HOSP 200 ABRAHAM FLEXNER **Daily Schedule** 3 **Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period** 80 **Weekends Required** Occasional **Req ID:** 2017-R0135242
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Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is a national nonprofit health system with headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. The faith-based system operates in 17 states and includes 78 hospitals; 40 long-term care, assisted- and residential-living facilities; two community health-services organizations; two accredited nursing colleges; and home health agencies.

With total annual revenues of more than $10.7 billion and approximately 83,000 employees, CHI ranks as the nation’s second-largest faith-based health system. In fiscal year 2012, CHI provided more than $715 million in charity care and community benefit, including services for the poor, free clinics, education and research.

Catholic Health Initiatives is committed to:
  • Creating new ministries that build healthy communities
  • Reaching new milestones in clinical quality and compassionate care
  • Implementing an agenda of social justice
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