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Making the Move to Registered Nurse

The following post comes to us from Carrington College. Carrington’s medical, dental, administrative, and veterinary programs are offered at 21 locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington states. Learn more at http://carrington.edu/.

Registered Nursing


Registered Nursing: The Right Choice for You?

Licensed practical nurses, vocational nurses and even high school graduates who are interested in nursing should consider becoming registered nurses (RNs). As Carrington College’s guide to Registered Nursing explains, RNs hold more jobs than any other profession in the healthcare industry while the number of practicing RNs is set to reach up to nearly 3.2 million by the year 2024. Yet, experts are predicting a shortfall of up to 1.2 million registered nurses by the year 2022.

If you want to save lives and improve healthcare for hundreds or even thousands of people, you would be hard-pressed to choose a better profession.

What Specializations are in Highest Demand?

Aspiring registered nurses will find that there are a number of specializations to pick from with additional certifications, including midwifery, critical care, emergency care, neonatal care, pain management and gerontology. Alternatively, a registered nurse may opt to choose a career in management or post-secondary education.

Even so, some specializations are in higher demand than others. Nursing specializations that are estimated to be in highest demand include emergency care, critical care, and perioperative nursing. Nurses with computer skills are also in short supply, as hospitals need RNs who can not just use but even develop and improve electronic medical record systems.

What is Right for You?

Choose a nursing specialization based on your skills, talents and aspirations. While nursing is a highly demanding job, it can be a fulfilling one if you work in a field that is important to you personally. Consider the level of education and training needed for any given specialization. Realistically assessing your schedule and finances can help you determine which type of training works for you.

Registered nurses play an integral role in the healthcare industry. If you think that this profession is right for you, consider various specialization options, choose the one or ones that you feel are best suited for you and then throw your heart into the right registered nursing training program.

Social Media for Nurses – a well written starting point

It looks like the academic world has started to adapt to the ‘healthcare 2.0′ and embrace the idea of using social media. The Springer Publisher Company has put out a new book in their “Nursing Education” category – Social Media For Nurses. From their press release:

The guide promotes the dramatic and positive ways in which social media is changing health care, an evolution that the authors believe is marked by its allowance for greater provider-patient communication and patient independence. For example, social media and relatively new communication tools give practitioners greater opportunity to monitor patient adherence to self-care and drug compliance. Such communication can even come remarkably close to an office visit with video conferencing tools such as Skype, allowing the health care provider to visually inspect anything about which the patient may have questions or concerns. For remote patients or those unable to visit a health care provider or facility, this enhanced communication is especially significant.

Having read the first chapter, I will say I am impressed. It is an academic take on the subject, but for many in healthcare, its a perfect teaching tool and starting point for training. For a nurse right out of school, a lot of this will redundant information, but for many, this serves as a great teaching tool. The first thing that came to mind is that it would be the perfect course work for a nurses continuing education, and I hope to see more training and books like this developed.

Social Media and the flu outbreak

As Flu season is here in force, there seems to be a new batch of aps and uses for tracking outbreaks in social media. Outside of Google’s Flu Trends, there’s a couple of new ways to look at it, some nicer than other. Health Map’s Flu Near You compiles a wide range of data, and tracks outbreaks based off of results. They also provide tips for keeping healthy, and when to see the doctor. The other new Facebook app is called Help I Have the Flu which scans your friends’ status mentions for a series of flu related keywords, helping you find out where you might of got sick. As their tag line says “Nothing will make you feel better like having someone to blame.”

Highlighting Healthcare Blogs – John Hopkins Student Nurses

Always the leader in so many things, John Hopkins has one of the better nurse blogs out there right now. The John Hopkins School of Nursing blog is an honest and frank look at student nursing. Not only is it updated on a fairly regular basis, it has a wide range of students blogging, giving both a younger and older student perspective. Here is one of the samples – be sure to bookmark and keep checking in!

WE DID IT! Made it through the first semester of nursing school! Managed to be on time to clinicals every week! And made some awesome friends along the way. It’s been a long semester, and the amount of information we have received in the past 4 months is incredible! Just think, in August we could barely take a blood pressure….now we can hang IVs, administer meds, and do complete bed side assessments (including that neuro one we all were dreading for sign offs.) We are now officially 1/4th of the way to being nurses!!!!! But, we still have a long way to go. The semesters ahead are filled with some difficult classes, increased clinical hours, and possible tech and student nurse jobs for some of us. Just think though, in exactly one year the accelerated class of 2013 will be receiving our degrees, continuing on to PASS the NCLEX, and branching out into the real world of nursing!!!!

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Social Media having a positive impact fighting childhood obesity

Today’s kids are “plugged in” at a younger age than ever before, involved on social media like Facebook and twitter. While parents do need to be aware of what their children are doing online, it seems this online involvement can have a positive impact to fight childhoof obesity.

The American Heart Association, in their online publication “Circulation” has published a new study on how the peer interaction on social media has a positive impact on obese children making healthy choices and changes.

“Some research shows that even in virtual social networks, people tend to associate with others like themselves,” Li said. “So if you develop a network of kids who are overweight, you can have an impact on all of them—in the real world and online—because if one starts making healthy changes, the others will be influenced to do so as well.”Source

Its refreshing to see the productive impact social media can have on kids today.