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Top 10 States for Physical Therapists!








Physical Therapy is a wonderful career where you can make a real difference in peoples’ lives. The shortage for experienced #Physical Therapists means you can work in virtually any city you want. And you can choose to work in a hospital, at a clinic, or start your own practice! But where are the best places so start looking? Here are the Top 10 states for Physical Therapists:

Top 10 based on the number of jobs:
California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan

Top 10 based on salary:
California, New Jersey, Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island, Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, West Virginia

Top 10 based on 7 factors (well-being and future livability; Literacy and health literacy; Employment and employment projections; Business and practice friendliness; Technology and innovation; PT and student engagement with APTA; Compensation and cost of living):
Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Idaho, Virginia, Iowa, Washington, Arizona and Alaska

California, Texas, Florida and New York are consistently listed in the Top States for Physical Therapists and #Registered Nurses. My guess: if you’re launching your career, or considering a do-over, these states are an excellent place to start looking regardless of your specific #Healthcare career.


California Ranks #1 for Registered Nurses

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 03/25/2015 reports Registered Nurses is the largest occupation with an above-average wage ($69,790 as of May 2014, the latest available data). Note: this is overall, not just in #Healthcare).

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Monster ranks California #1 for #Registered Nurses based on both the number of jobs and salary Top 10 Best and Worst States to be a Nurse. Their Top 10:

  • Based on number of jobs: California, Florida, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Georgia, Massachusetts
  • Based on salary: California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Alaska, Delaware, Oregon, Nevada, Maryland, Connecticut

For Travelers, Fastaff Travel Nursing identifies its highest demand states for Nurses The 5 States Most in Need of Nurses. Their Top 5:

  • Based on number of jobs: California, Florida, New York, Ohio, North Carolina

WalletHub ranks Washington state #1 for RNs based on opportunity, competition and work environment 2015′s Best & Worst States for Nurses. Their Top 10:

  • Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Wyoming, Alaska, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Oklahoma


The 3 most important interview questions

As a headhunter, I always ask 3 questions that force the Prospect to ascertain their priorities.

  1. How much do you want to make?
    1. New York salary vs. Memphis COL
  2. Where do you want to live?
    1. Safe place for a home with a yard for the kids?
    2. Recreation & cultural pursuits?
  3. What do you want to do?
    1. Short and long term goals?

Once they agree that finding a balance is necessary, the conversation becomes easy. We talk through the alternatives and differentiate between their needs, wants and desires. It’s a wonderful bonding tool where the Prospect feels valued, and becomes a Candidate that’s pre-closed on a move! And it’s also an easy way to engage their spouse, which severely reduces last minute ‘we changed our mind’ conversations about relocation.

As an employer, when hiring for a specific need I evaluate candidates as if it was a 1099 contract position. But when I’m hiring for a role in my company (Operations, Sales, Administrative, IT) I’m primarily interested in the long term fit and these same 3 questions are applicable.

Prospects that don’t cooperate? I love sending them to my competitors!