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Ethnic, Cultural and Absolute Healthcare Shortages

The Welcome Back Initiative helps international healthcare workers gain the language and technical skills needed to become licensed professionals in the U.S. The centers are a tangible and practical effort to address ethnic, cultural and absolute shortages in our healthcare system.

Truth is:

  • There’s a growing shortage of healthcare professionals.
  • We have racial and ethnic disparities in many healthcare populations. 31% of California’s population is Latino, but only 4% of their Nurses and Physicians are Latino. Some Community Health Centers require bilingual skills for their staff but cannot for their Physicians or mid-level Providers.
  • Our training and licensing requirements (ie. RN or Physician) are greater and different than the on-the-job experience gained in many foreign countries.

The first center opened in 2001, and there are currently 10 centers in California, Washington, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Colorado and Maryland. Give one a call and see how you can help. We should all want this to succeed.