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Reposting – “Dear Social Media, Your 15 Minutes of Fame Are Up”

SEo Moz has a new blog post up HERE on the good, bad and ugly of Social Media which is a must read. While it is not healthcare specific, I think they bring up as lot of good points that you can apply to healthcare – especially in terms of effort to put into Facebook pages, with all their changes.

Social Media having a positive impact fighting childhood obesity

Today’s kids are “plugged in” at a younger age than ever before, involved on social media like Facebook and twitter. While parents do need to be aware of what their children are doing online, it seems this online involvement can have a positive impact to fight childhoof obesity.

The American Heart Association, in their online publication “Circulation” has published a new study on how the peer interaction on social media has a positive impact on obese children making healthy choices and changes.

“Some research shows that even in virtual social networks, people tend to associate with others like themselves,” Li said. “So if you develop a network of kids who are overweight, you can have an impact on all of them—in the real world and online—because if one starts making healthy changes, the others will be influenced to do so as well.”Source

Its refreshing to see the productive impact social media can have on kids today.