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Nurses Not Impacted by Affordable Care Act? – or why people need to think before reposting a blog

In an age of driving links and traffic to their website, more and more people are re-posting articles with attention grabbing headlines, trying to push people to their site. Case in point – Healthcare Communications reposted this blog – 10 health care jobs most impacted by the Affordable Care Act a repost from Medical Billing and Coding Blog. The article is full of buzz worthy key words, but taking a glance at the actual substance, we see no mention of nurses as a career impacted by the Affordable Care Act, despite the legions of information that says otherwise, not to mention common sense. But yet, within the hour it’s gotten re-tweets, reposts. Heading over to the source of the article, its had even more traffic – but little substance.

I’m all for getting information out there on the internet, but at what cost? where did common sense and thinking go in all of this?

The Elmo Effect on Kids today

Interesting study released this week – the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine released a new study done in New York City, using the ‘branding’ of apples to see if children were more likely to pick an apple for their lunch. The 5 day trial set up in schools in 7 upstate New York Schools showed an increase of 65 percent of children picking an apple for their lunch when branded with an Elmo sticker. Source Branding for kids has occured for years with sugar cereals, fast food lunches and more – glad to see someone finally apply that theory to healthy foods.

‘Friending” Patients? Seattle Times looks at doctors and social media

The Seattle Times has a very interesting new look at the every growing relationship of physicans and social media.

At a recent conference for health professionals focusing on the “thin ethical line” between professional boundaries and personal interests, Swanson, movie-star pretty herself and well spoken to boot, took the microphone.

“We’re losing ground — we’re losing our stake … Science is losing voice,” she told the crowd at Seattle Children’s annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference.

Swanson’s approach leaves some doctors nonplused. Many say they want to “partner” with patients and realize doctors can no longer simply pontificate to patients who duly obey.