New York Health Care Jobs

New York has seen recent growth in healthcare, both upstate and in the City. Home Health has seen some of the biggest jumps, with a net increase of 194,304 job gains since 2008. For those looking to expand their career options searching healthcare professional associations in New York is a place to start looking. Healthcare Options in New York include:

  • Critical Care (CCU) jobs in New York

    CCU Nurse is responsible for directing and coordinating members of the care team, focusing on providing individualized quality patient care. Nurses in New York can join New York City Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses for CE's and career growth.   Click Here for New York CCU Jobs .

  • Intensive Care (ICU) jobs in New York

    ICU Nurse provides individualized quality patient care, and directs and coordinates members of the care team, for patients who are unstable and require complex monitoring. Nurses can recieve continuing education in Intensive Care Nursing  Click Here for New York Intensive Care Jobs .

  • Nurse (Nursing) jobs in New York

    The Registered Nurse is responsible and accountable for the assignment and delivery of direct patient care.  Nurses in New York have a salary that is higher than the national average.  Click Here for Nursing Jobs in New York .

  • Pharmacist (Pharmacy) jobs in New York

    Pharmacists interpret medication orders or prescriptions, review patient profiles, and prepare and dispense medications.  With  17,820 employed Pharmacists, New York is one of the top three states to employ them. Click Here for New York Pharmacist jobs .

  • Radiology Tech (Rad Tech) jobs in New York

    Radiology Technologists use radiation to make images of internal organs, helping diagnose a patient’s illness or injury. Imaging specialties include Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Ultrasound, MRI, CT, Mammograms, and Nuclear Medicine, which are now licensed by the state of New York.  Click Here for Rad Tech jobs in New York .

  • RN (Registered Nurse) jobs in New York

    The Registered Nurse (RN) is responsible for assessing, planning, coordinating, the delivery of skilled patient care. Nurses in New York is expected to grow 26 percent from 2010 to 2020.   Click Here for Registered Nurse jobs in New York .

  • Occupational Therapy (OT) jobs in New York

    Occupational Therapists use educational, vocational, rehabilitation and adaptive approaches to help people with physical, psychosocial, or environmental challenges to learn or regain the skills they need to participate fully in life roles and activities.  Occupational Therapy jobs are thought to grow by 33% in 2020 in New York. Click Here for New York occupational therapist jobs .

  • Physical Therapy (PT) jobs in New York

    Physical Therapists diagnose, evaluate and treat individuals with temporary or long-term musculoskeletal dysfunction to relieve pain, restore function and prevent injury.  New York has some of the highest concentrations of physical therapists. Click Here for New York Physical Therapy Jobs .

  • Respiratory Therapy (RT) jobs in New York

    Respiratory Therapists evaluate, treat, and care for patients with breathing disorders. They assume primary responsibility for all respiratory care treatments, ranging from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed, to elderly people whose lungs are diseased.  Click Here for New York Respiratory Therapy Jobs .

  • Speech Pathology jobs in New York

    Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) diagnose, evaluate, treat & research speech & language communication disorders, including swallowing, and voice and delayed language disorders. They work with infants to the elderly.  Click Here for New York Speech Pathology Jobs .

  • Med Tech (MT) jobs in New York

    Medical Technologists perform laboratory tests to provide information for use by physicians in detecting, diagnosing or treating diseases.  Click Here for New York Med Tech Jobs .

  • Mammo Tech jobs in New York

    Mammographers perform screening and diagnostic mammograms for women and occasionally men, using ionizing radiation and digital imaging.  Click Here for New York Health Care Jobs

  • Med Lab Tech (MLT) jobs in New York

    Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) with additional education (BS degree) and experience may become Medical Technologists (MT).  Click Here for New York Healthcare Careers

  • Speech Therapy jobs in New York

    Speech Therapists evaluate human communication for problems such as stuttering, articulation and voice disorders. The New York State Speech-Language Hearing Association advocates for professionals in New York.   Click Here for New York Speech Therapy Jobs .


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